Frequently Asked Questions

The Gap Credit Card was developed for Gap customers. The Gap Visa credit card is a co-branded card that is a collaboration between the clothing retailer and the credit card issuer. It has the ability to reward you on your purchases at the Gap and its other sub-brands by giving you the ability to earn rewards points. The card does not come with an annual fee, so you can add it to your wallet without having to worry about it.


The Gap is a simple and easy-to-use customer portal for Gap credit cardholders. Once you have subscribed to this Gap credit card, you can activate your card. And check your balance, add an authorized user, make payments and sign up for eStatements.

The Gap Synchrony Bank Gap Visa card offers a traditional discount on the first purchase, but true fans of the brand will appreciate being able to earn reward points with every purchase and easily reach Elite loyalty status, which brings even more rewards and benefits from purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Gap credit card is most beneficial to whom?

It will be most useful to those who shop at Family Gap stores frequently, especially those who qualify for status updates. The increased bonus points make all the difference for those who rely primarily on Gap stores for their clothing needs.

For cardholders, what is one of the most important points?

The Gap Card offers loyalty rewards and discounts at The Gap and affiliated stores, including a sign-up bonus and increased membership levels.

There are three different payment methods for Gap credit cards. What are they?

The three ways to pay the Gap credit card are online, by mail and by phone.

In the event of a problem, where can I find customer service?

If you have any questions about the Gap Credit Card, contact Customer Service at the Gap Credit Card numbers at 800-427-7895 (in the United States) and 614-744-3907 (outside the United States). USA), Gap Credit Card: 866-450-4467.